A friendly reminder to please mind the parking signs around the Academy Theatre when attending events or purchasing tickets. We’ve had a few patrons ticketed the past few weeks.   Also, a few tenants who live in the surrounding buildings have come home to find their parking spots taken by cars that shouldn’t be there.

If you park in the loading zone beside the theatre, you will be ticketed unless you have flashing lights on and are actually loading into the theatre. If you park behind the loading zone right at the corner of Lindsay and Kent St. E. – you will be ticketed.

Please watch for NO PARKING and PRIVATE SIGNS, parking spots that belong to stores and parking spots belonging to tenants of buildings in the area.

There is no parking behind the YORK BUILDING or FITBODY BOOTCAMP and the MASONIC LODGE. You will be ticketed or towed.

Parking is available along the side of the theatre – just watch the signs. There is a small lot at the bottom of the hill. You may park along Kent Street – parking there is free – again please watch for signs.

Thanks, everyone! 🙂